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Sample Classroom


After registering, the student will take an assessment (placement) test to determine what grade level the student is on in each subject. Once the student completes the assessment test, the student can begin their classes on Google Classroom. In Google Classroom, students are able to review and complete their assignments for each class all in one area to get the know the material better before taking their final test for their class.


You can take a look at the pictures below or join our sample class below to discover what an online classroom with Google is all about.
















Inside a Classroom:

  • In-depth details about the subject matter

  • Discussions

  • Lectures and Readings

  • Presentations

  • Videos

  • Worksheets

  • Quizzes

  • Assignment Projects

  • Personal Feedback from the Teacher

  • and More!


Sample Quiz

Sample of Classroom Assignments

Sample Discussion


Want to see a real online class with Google Classroom yourself?

Signup for our fun free sample class, take a look around, and try things out yourself.

Click class number 0101 to get started!



This class is not a real class and will not count for credit on any transcript. For informational purposes only.


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