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About Us

Educators Inc. Private Christian Schools (EIPCS)

400 Barton Blvd. Ste 204

Rockledge, FL 32955 

(800) 590-9611   Fax (888) 575-1486

Non-profit Corporation and School (501c3)

Federally Registered 062668393

School Code 7560

School Codes

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FLVS School    
ACPSA Reg     


School Contacts

8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Open:  Mon - Fri

Main Office
Student Services  
Issues Department

800-590-9611 #4 
800-590-9611 #107 
800-590-9611 #6 
800-590-9611 #3 

The President's Message

To: Future Students





Welcome to Educators Inc. Private Christian Schools (EIPCS). Since 2010, EIPCS have been setting new standards of excellence in education. We are a respected leader in self-guided distance learning and have combined our resources to bring students educational options that work in today's world. 

EIPCS offers very specific courses to obtain a high school diploma in a very condensed timeline that meets the Federal Department of Education Standards. Our Adult Education Program has the most comprehensive instruction in the most flexible way possible. We assist students in the advancement for their future, whether for enrolling in college, enlisting in the military, or obtaining a new job. Students are able receive support through tutoring, guidance, and counseling. We do this all by offering an ease of accessibility to the course curriculum and by offering the most affordable tuition in the nation.

Today, EIPCS is a fitting tribute to years of educating the minds of busy people like you. It is also a tribute to the hundreds of students who have entrusted us with the means to realizing a better life. Our late president and founder (Helen Piantiedosi) would be proud on how far we have come. Her vision for this school was to prepare students for the next level in their educational journey. As the new president, I am honored to be trusted with this endeavor. I say this with confidence, let EIPCS help you reach higher, study smarter, advance faster, and think bigger than you ever thought. Here's to you and your new life just waiting for you to start!

Adam Finn


Educators Inc. Private Christian Schools (EIPCS)

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