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Why Choose Us

Are you planning to attend college or a professional school some day? Educators Inc. Private Christian School's (EIPCS) can help you make that first step by earning your high school diploma. Our classes focus on the core material that you need to know to earn a diploma but have real-world assignments to better prepare you to take on the challenges of attending college, the workforce, and beyond.

​We offer a second chance to change your future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates are more likely to go on to college and get a higher paying job than non-graduates. Maybe you thought going to college just wasn't in the cards for you, but by earning your high school diploma at EIPCS, we dare you to think bigger and expect more from your hand.

Unlike most high schools that require you to follow the school's program schedule, our programs are self-paced and are made to cater to your schedule. We find that most students at Educators Inc. are able to to complete their program and graduate with a high school diploma in as little as 6 months with transferred credits from their previous high school. Our Adult Education Program (high school diploma program) can be completed on any device that connects to the internet or it can be completed using paper textbooks sent through the mail.


When comparing our program options, we find that our online programs are prefect for those who want the maximum flexibility in their program, who want the capability of earning their diploma in as little time as possible, who have easy access to the internet, and who feel comfortable studying online with digital eBooks, video lectures, worksheets, quizzes  While our paper/mail programs are perfect for those who are able to follow directions by text, how do not have easy access to the internet, how are not in a hurry to earn their diploma, and who need or are more comfortable studying with printed textbooks and materials. 

No matter how you choose to complete your program, you will be prepared to succeed at leading colleges and universities that are ready for your enrollment, and feel confident to join the workforce or military without hesitation. 

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Advantages to Earning a High School Diploma with Educators Inc. Private Christian Schools

  • Nationally Accredited - Accepted Nationwide

  • Open Enrollment - All Year Round

  • Earn Your Diploma Faster - About Half the Time of a Traditional High School

  • 100% Self-Paced - Complete Your Program on Your Time 

  • Accessibility - Access Your Classes & Complete Classwork 24/7 Anytime

  • Program Convenience - Study Comfortability from Home

  • Available in Spanish - With Our Paper/Mail Program

  • Lowest Tuition Cost - 55% Cheaper than Other Distance-learning High Schools

  • Keep Your Credits - We Transfer Up to 70% of Approved Credits From Your Previous School Transcript

  • Low Pressure Programs - Perfect for High Anxiety Students, Homeschool Students, and Working Students

Each Program Includes:

  • Assessment (placement) Test

  • Free Tracked Delivery of Fully Illustrated Textbooks, Materials, and Study Guides

  • Prompt Grading and Feedback on Your Classwork and Exams

  • One-On-One Instructor Support and Unlimited Tutoring by Video or Phone

  • Availability to Our In-Person Quarterly High School Graduation Ceremonies (traveling may be required) 

  • State Required Final Testing for Each Subject

Upon graduation, you'll receive an Educators Inc. Private Christian Schools official high school diploma with your transcript.

Plus, you'll have the knowledge and confidence you need to take your education or career to the next level.

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