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Our Mission


Our mission is to offer innovative technology and online courses that provide self-paced learning experiences that works for all types of lifestyles and produces confident graduates ready to enter the workforce, military, or college world. Our curriculum emphasizes learning in all subject areas, thus laying the foundation for our students to become responsible, self-reliant, and contributing members of our ever-changing society.

Our Purpose




Our purpose is to be a Private High School that offers people who have not graduated high school a second change to obtain a fully accredited high school diploma. EIPCS has been servicing adults that need a high school diploma since August of 2011.


Group Bonding
Smiling for the Camera
Diverse Kindergarten

EIPCS embraces and welcomes a diverse student body and staff. EIPCS does not discriminate against applicants or students based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, ancestry, gender, gender identity and expression, or sexual orientation. 

To learn more about our school's policies, click the "School Policies" button.

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