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Our History


Our school, commonly known as Educators Inc. or EIPCS (Educators Inc. Private Christian Schools), is a private Christian school located in Rockledge, Florida. We are a non-profit school and fully registered with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). Our school was founded in late 2010 by retired principals and teachers. As our school has grown, we have become a well-known staple in the community. We offer both parents and adults different program options for getting a quality education and earning a high school diploma. We believe in a parent's right to choose their child's education, may that be learning on-site at our campus or at home online. We also believe that adults should have a choice in earning a GED or high school diploma. Enrolling in our adult education program does just that, it offers adults a second chance to earn a real high school diploma.

No matter which program a student chooses, we strive to stay ahead of the curve by bringing our students the latest accredited programs in education. We are consistently working and finding new ways to make getting an education within everyone's reach and budget. In fact, we are considered one of the most affordable private schools in the nation. Unlike most private schools, our school is managed and operated by retired and active teachers, principals, and volunteers. We believe in community and in helping people become productive members of society. To support this cause, we give back by helping our students fund their program's tuition with donations given to the school by generous citizens.


Shortly after being open, we noticed that the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) had confused us with another school that had a similar name and gave us their DOE school code. After discovery, corrections from the FLDOE have been made, however, this presented a new problem of students confusing us with that previous school. The school we are commonly confused with (Educators Inc. Private School) was a for-profit school that was located in Merritt Island, Florida. Public records show that this other private school's DOE code was 1889 and that this school was closed in 2011. We are not affiliated or connected with that school in any way. shape, or form.


Unfortunately, students who attended this other school, still contact us today trying to retrieve their records. For this reason, we encourage students to check the DOE code on their diploma and/or transcript. Our DOE code is 7560, this other school's DOE code was 1889. Students can usually find this code towards the top of their transcript, or on the bottom and on the official seal of their diploma. In the event that a student does not have any of their school records or was unable to find a DOE code on any of their records, we recommend that the student call us directly to verify.

Another common misconception is that our school is not (in plain terms) a legitimate or "real" school. We are not completely sure how this allegation started, but we advise students to do their due diligence and research any educational institute (including us) they plan on attending before registering with them. We recommend that students verify an organization's legitimacy through facts and reputable sources. Students can verify a school by going straight to the source. This means checking if the school is registered with the state's Department of Education. 


In the attempt of helping students verify us and putting any misconceptions about us to rest, we have posted the directions below on how to find our school on the FLDOE. Students can simply follow the steps below to find our school’s name with code on the registered list with the FLDOE.  

Find Us on FLDOE Instructions

To help get you to the right location, follow the steps below.

Step 1: 

Go to and under "SCHOOLS", pick "School Choice". Then, under K-12 PRIVATE SCHOOLS, pick "Directory of Private Schools".

Step 2:

Choose "Brevard" under the District drop-down option.

Step 3:

Click "Go", this will bring a list of schools.

Step 4:

The list is in alphabetical order, scroll down until you find "Educators Inc. Private Christian School (7560)".

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