Service Fees

Request Fees

Adult Education Program Fees

Official Transcript Request - $20/each

Diploma Replacement

Request - $30/each

Verification Letter

Request - $10/each

Expedited Services for Faster Processing and Delivery 

  • Email (available for verification letter requests only) - Free

  • Regular Mail - Free

  • Priority Mail (1-3 day) - $26 Extra 

  • Express Mail (1 day) - $50 Extra

Expedited services does not cover the cost of the service request fee (example: the transcript itself or diploma replacement).

Delivery Time:

  • Email delivery can take up to 5 days with processing.

  • Regular Mail may take up to 30 days with processing.

  • Priority Mail (1-3 day) can take up to 5 days with processing.

  • Express Mail (1 day) can take up to 2 days with processing.

Additional information about these services is located in the EIPCS Policy Agreement and on the request forms. To place a request for any of these services, you can click on the icon pictures on this page or browse our "Resources" page.

Book Damage (test books)

(damage defined in policy agreement) - $20/per book

Classwork/Study Material Late Fees

Students have 12 months after receiving, to return any classwork or study materials assigned. After 12 Months, a $100 late fee will apply.

Assessment and Final Test Late Fees

30 Days Late - $50

30-60 Days Late - $100

60-90 Days Late - $150

90-120 Days Late - $200

120-150 Days Late - $250

150-180 Days Late - $300

Over 180 Days Late - Terminated from Program

Diploma/Transcript Issue Fees

Students with clerical errors on their diploma and/or transcript have 30 days after graduation to mail it back to the EIPCS Processing Center for correcting. Students must return these documents by mail to process the correction. After 30 days, a $20 official transcript request fee and a $30 diploma replacement request fee will apply regardless of the documents having errors.


DO NOT OPEN THE SEALED ENVELOP, IT CONTAINS THE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT! In the event that a sealed transcript was opened, additional $20 official transcript request fee will be required to replace it. This fee will apply regardless of the transcript containing errors and/or the transcript was mailed back within 30 days.


Students that were awarded the EIPCS Scholarship and were terminated from the Adult Education Program, will not qualify for this scholarship again. After a student is terminated, the student will be required to pay the full tuition rate of $700 at the time of enrollment to reattempt the program. Terminated students forfeit and lose all investment, including any work completed or in progress, and must restart the program from the beginning.

For more information, refer to the EIPCS Policy Terms and Conditions Agreement. 

This policy agreement is provided to each and every student that enrolls in this program.