From Registration To Graduation

We are sure you have questions about the EIPCS and about the student experience here.

We can answer many of these question by breaking down the process step-by-step.


Step 1: Enrollment

Once a program is decided, students can simply fill out our online registration form or call to speak to a student counselor over the phone at 800-590-9611. After registering, students in the online program will receive a "welcome" email, usually within 24 hours, but can take up to 2 days. Students will be emailed their school email address (example: StudentName@educatorsinc,org) and password so they can set-up their account. This email will also direct them to the student website, so they can get started in their program. Students in the Paper/Mail program will receive their first step in the mail within 30 days. Students in this program will be mailed a copy of the policy agreement, the assessment test, and a study guide workbook to complete.

Step 2: Orientation

Although this step is optional, students are welcome to attend orientation. In orientation, they will cover how the program works and answer any questions students may have. This information is also provided on the student website and mailed to students in the Paper/Mail program. Orientation is offered every two weeks live online and covers information about all the programs we offer at EIPCS.

Step 3: Complete the Classes

Students should begin their classes and schoolwork as soon as possible. The sooner they start, the sooner they can finish. For all our programs, the learning materials and supplies are included. For online students, they will be asked to turn-in, upload, download, and complete a variety of assignments. Within a week, assignments will be graded by their instructor, which will include a complete breakdown of their grade score results and detailed feedback about their work. Online students are able see their results immediately after completing, for a majority of assignments. K-12 Homeschool students can check their grades, view their payment history, and more by referring to the K-12 program website.

For Paper/Mail students, after completing their assessment test, they will continue the program by completing the study guide workbook they were mailed. This workbook has important information about all core topic areas that will be on their final test later. The workbook has multiple choice questions, fill in the blank questions, match-style actives, and more. More importantly, this workbook breaks down each topic and problem before asking the student to complete any tasks. Mail/Paper students can track their next shipment online (sent by and check their grades (grades are also mailed to them directly) by calling the school.

Step 4: Get Help

Our team of incredibly helpful teachers are just an email or phone call away. Teacher calling hours are from 10AM-5PM Monday - Friday. However, students can email their teacher at anytime or get advice from other students in their classroom. This way students are never alone in trying to find answers to the questions that will help them succeed.

Step 5: Make the Grade

For online students, once they complete all their classwork, they can take the final test for that class. As soon as a student passes, they can go on to their next class until all their classes are finished. Once all their classes are finished, students will submit a "request to graduate" form located on the student website. After submitting this form, students will have their work reviewed to see if they are ready to graduate. If they are, students will be notified by an exit letter sent to their school email and their documents will be processed and mailed.

For paper/mail students, once they complete all the classwork assigned, their teacher will assign the final test. The final test will have all their core subjects and electives to test in, broken into 2 parts. Once the student returns their test, it will be reviewed and graded. If the student passes, their test results will be mailed with their documents.

Step 6: Graduation

Graduation represents the culmination of all the student's determination and hard work. At EIPCS, there's nothing virtual about it. Sure, students can have their diploma mailed to them, but at EIPCS, we love to celebrate the success of our students. EIPCS welcomes all graduating students to attend the graduation ceremony. Graduation ceremonies are managed by our partners in different locations throughout the country at certain times of the year. Students are encouraged to complete the graduation form (located on the student website and main website under "resources" on the menu bar) for dates, times, and to make a reservation to hold their spot.