From Registration To Graduation

We are sure you have questions about the EIPCS and about the student experience here.

We can answer many of these question by breaking down the process step by step.


Step 1: Enrollment

Once a program is decided, the student can simply fill out our online registration form or speak with an enrollment advisor at 1-321-455-6385. Within 24 hours of receiving the completed registration, we will send the first step. Programs are available in person, online, or by mail. For the Adult Education Program, our placement test (unlike other schools) is included in the tuition cost.


Step 2: Orientation

Students will gain immediate access to orientation. At which time a teacher and Student ID Number will be assigned. Students will gain access to our exclusive online learning system and all the resources we have to offer. We give students all the information needed to get started and to be successful in their program. We also offer weekly live online orientation sessions for students in all programs. This takes place online in the student forum where students can meet our team advisors and get answers to any and all questions they might have.


Step 3: Take the Course

All of the learning materials and supplies are included and will be sent or provided to the student. Students should begin their lessons as soon as possible. The sooner they start, the sooner they can finish. Throughout the course, students will be asked to turn-in, upload, or download a variety of assignments. Within a week, assignments will be graded by their instructor, which will include a complete breakdown of their grade score results and detailed feedback about their work. Online students are able see their results immediately after completing for a majority of assignments. Mail/Paper students can track their next shipment and check their grades (grades will also be mailed to them) by calling the school. K-12 Homeschooling students can check their grades, view their payment history, and more by referring to the K-12 program website.


Step 4: Get Help

Our team of incredibly helpful tutors are just an email or toll-free call away, Monday through Thursday from 9AM-5PM and 10AM-2PM on Friday. However, students can email their instructors at anytime or get advice from other students in their course online. This way students are never alone in trying to find answers to the questions that will help them succeed.


Step 5: Make the Grade

Online exams and quizzes are graded and posted immediately. As soon as a student passes, they can go on to the next lesson. Students will be provided with new course material as they go. Student will always have the tools they need to keep moving forward.


Step 6: Graduation

Graduation represents the culmination of all the student's determination and hard work. At EIPCS, there's nothing virtual about it. Sure, students can have their diploma mailed to them, but at EIPCS, we love to celebrate the success of our students. EIPCS welcomes all graduating students to attend the graduation ceremony. Graduation ceremonies are managed by our partners in different locations throughout the country at certain times of the year. Students can call the school for a complete list of locations, dates, times, and to make a reservation to hold their spot.