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Four Reasons to Switched from Homeschooling to Virtual School

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Here are some of the unique benefits of a virtual school program that may help you with deciding to switch your child.

Reason #1:
Virtual school provides a comprehensive curriculum.

Not having to worry about figuring out which curriculum to use was a big relief. The challenge for most parents when homeschooling, was coming up with a curriculum. You would need to spend hours searching catalogs and reading reviews of the latest resources for home school use.

Reason #2:
In a virtual school, teaching is the job of a certified teacher.

A virtual charter school program gives you access to certified teachers who provide instruction, grading, and support through real-time classroom sessions, email correspondence, and telephone conversations. Parents don’t have to create their own lesson plans, grade tests, or do the actual teaching. In other words, you no longer had to wear the teacher hat all the time, yet you still get to be involved in the learning experience with my children.

Reason #3:
Virtual school provides grade-level appropriate learning materials.

The idea of having a prepared curriculum that matched the specific needs for your child is a plus. Some parents tend to second-guess their lesson plans and can become frustrated. The opportunity to work with dedicated teachers to create customized learning plans that fit your child’s unique educational needs, complemented with cutting-edge online instructional tools that engage students and assist in their learning important concepts, makes for a truly personalized and engaging educational experience!

Reason #4:
Virtual school offers structure and flexibility.

Virtual school offers a highly accountable structure mapped out for each semester, including assignment due dates and a standard grading system. Still, families have the flexibility to create a nontraditional daily school schedule.

By attending online school from home, it can be more efficient use of your time, allowing your children to participate in the things they loved and accomplish their academic goals—on a schedule that worked best for them and the entire family.

Have you ever wanted to switch your child from homeschooling to a virtual school?

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