Just 5 simply reasons to obtain a high school diploma

Updated: May 2

Going to school may seem boring or really challenging, but there are several benefits of finishing high school. In addition, there are career advantages, you’ll feel rewarded for persevering and earning your diploma. Even if you don’t think that college is your next step, a high school diploma can lead to better jobs and the opportunity to apply to college at a later date.

1. Earn More Money

One of the benefits of a high school diploma is a higher earning potential. In 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that high school graduates earned an average of $19

2 more per week than people who didn’t graduate.

2. College or a Trade School

“Why is a high school diploma important to my future?” Attaining your high school diploma is a necessary prerequisite to apply for college admission. You’ll also need a high school diploma to be eligible for federal financial aid. A college education will help you pursue a career that requires an advanced degree.

3. Enjoy More Job Options

One of the advantages of graduating from high school is increased employment opportunities. More specifically, by 2020, you can expect that 13 million jobs list a high school diploma as a minimum requirement as opposed to 7 million for people without one.

4. Experience Lower Unemployment

The importance of high school graduation is evident in the unemployment rates of high school graduates compared to those adults without a diploma. In 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that the unemployment rate for people without a high school diploma was 7.7 percent. The rate for high school graduates was 5.3 percent.

5. You Can Join the Military

Some branches of the military will accept a GED, but 90 percent of people in the military have a high school degree. Tier 1 recruits must have a high school degree, and Tier 2 can have a GED. A handful of Tier 3 recruits is admitted without a degree, but this is rare.

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