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Are 3rd-Party Services that Offer to Take YOUR Classes Worth the Risk?

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Have you ever seen advertising or maybe even received an email from some online organization that offers to complete your classes for you, promising to pass your classes with a specific grade?

Well if you have or haven't yet, here are the top 6 things you should consider before using these so-called "services".

  1. If you are caught having someone else (anyone else) completing your classes and program for you, you will be expelled (not eligible for re-enrollment) from your program. There are no schools that can or will legally allow someone else other than YOU to complete your classes for you so you can earn the credit for someone else's work. The risk of getting caught is REAL since all reputable schools programs require proctored final testing at the end of class or the program.

  2. Your school account could be held for ransom, where you will be unable to recover it unless you pay these 3rd-party people or organizations their demands with no guarantee they will release it to you. The only other way to recover your school account is to contact your school and essentially "tell on yourself", thus resulting in your termination. It's a lose-lose situation if this happens, and it happens more than you think. In fact, at EIPCS, we did a little experiment by creating a fake student account and accepting such services from a well-known place that had excellent reviews. After giving them this fake student account login, but before we were required to pay for their services, we tried to cancel. As you can imagine, they changed the password to the student account and held it for ransom. They demanded that they be paid $200 for cancelling and wasting their time. When we threaten to contact the school that our account was stolen by them, they said and I quote, "go ahead, I will tell them how you tried to pay to have us take your classes, you will be in trouble, not me". Having all the proof we needed, this account was deleted and our contact with them (WhatsApp) was also closed.

  3. It will cost you more money to complete your classes with no guarantee that you will graduate from the program without something going wrong with your arrangement with them. Should you experience with these people be positive, you will end up paying at least twice the amount for your program than you needed to. In addition to this, even if all your classes were completed successfully and without you getting caught, there is no guarantee that something will not go wrong after submitting all your coursework to graduate. There is no guarantee they can earn you your diploma.

  4. They could get your account flagged for suspicious activity or unusual login location or device. This will bring attention to your account for potential investigating. No organization can 100% guarantee that this will not happen since most of these services are located outside of the country or at the least, outside your state.

  5. You would be paying for a stranger to have YOUR education. You paid good money to be in this program and learn something new. Do not give YOUR education away, it is what YOU paid for.

  6. Should you choose to continue your education, it will be twice as hard on you to complete more advance classes since you never learned the basics. By skipping the basics, you increase your chances of failing a more expensive program in the future due to your lack of education.

Although there are more consequences to accepting these services, we found that these were the most common. So, before you look for the "easy way out", think if it's worth all the risks first.

This article was written by Brittney Lucas

Manager of Student Services at EIPCS

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