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Why has getting a high school diploma become so hard to do?

Updated: Feb 8

Research has shown getting a high school diploma has not become so hard to get it's that the state you are earning your diploma in has made schools make students more accountable.

Because there are so many diploma mills out there that will sell you diploma with minimal accountability to learn anything, this has affected everyone in the business of education. With a diploma that was never earned, you the student will not have the basic skills to pass any college courses. This causes a ripple effect by resulting in colleges loosing their funding due to students dropping out wasting FASFA and related government grant money. This has made applying for government funding harder, resulting in the government having to cut off colleges (who once qualified for government grants) for not enrolling serious students.

This is all a chain reaction and all starts at the beginning of students not wanting to take a high school diploma program serious because they don't feel "it's a big deal".

Although more people are seeking to continue their education after high school, EARNING A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA is still a HUGE DEAL, and should not be taken lightly.

You might be thinking, "really people"?

Well, this mind set is probably why most adult students are "adult students". Research has shown that if a person didn't take high school seriously in their teens, that there is a high chance that their thinking on "not taking high school seriously" will most likely still be the same, resulting in the same outcome of not finishing earning their diploma.

Earning your diploma is important!

Most reputable businesses will not hire anyone anywhere anymore without them having a GED or high school diploma. If you think about it, it's kind of funny how someone thinks they can going to college without knowing or having the basic tools that high school classes provide, and that any person will need to get through their college level classes.

Now, remember this because it might save you time and your hard earned money, any high school diploma program that tells you that you get your diploma in a week or month is lying to you and is most likely trying to scam you. There are no such legal programs that offer or promise to earn a high school diploma in 1 week or in a month, so don't bother wasting your money.

Do your due diligence and get a real diploma from a REAL school.

Take your time and do it RIGHT!

This blog was inspired by research done in 2023.

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