Scholarship Programs

People who GIVE make a difference!

EIPCS is proud to be part of a scholarship program for qualifying students.

In honor of our late president who passed away from Covid-19 (on August 10th, 2021), EIPCS offers a scholarship in her name, the Helen Piantiedosi Scholarship (aka the EIPCS Scholarship).  

Because our program tuition is $600, which can be hard for some students to afford, EIPCS is awarded funds on a quarterly basis to help. This funding allows the school to offer a $300 scholarship to each new student who registers into the program. 


The scholarship helps pay half of the tuition cost ($300) for students who cannot afford to pay the full price of tuition ($600) for their high school diploma program.


  • Student must be a new (first time) enrolling student at EIPCS (has not enrolled before).

  • Student has not received this scholarship or any other scholarships with EIPCS before. 

  • Student must pay the remaining cost of tuition ($300) in full at the time of enrollment.

  • Student must follow the EIPCS Policy. Failure in following the policy can result in the student losing the scholarship funds.

  • Student must remain in good standing in the program at all times.

To help prevent scholarship funds from being wasted, we require students to pay the remaining tuition balance ($300) in full at the time of enrollment. This increases the likelihood of students following and finishing their program to earn their high school diploma.


Notice: Funds are not always available, but as long as they are, EIPCS will share the wealth, and help serious students accomplish their goal... A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA!



Enroll in our scholarship program today and save 50% off your tuition while funds are still available!